DO! Art Projects

We are independent artists who create singular meaningful experiences for you with your support.

We basically exist for you and because of you.

Thank you!


DO! is a sponsored project of Open Collective Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, which offers nonprofit status + fundraising + money management software to aligned groups in the US.

We are a network formed by nomadic-independent-displaced artists who work collectively in inventing and promoting poetic experiences based on collaborative creation  (for artists and by artists).

We seek to promote the entire artistic production cycle and all the people involved in creating art projects in the most sustainable and transparent ways.

Our mission is to develop artistic projects, outside the establishment, in different contexts through exhibitions, festivals, art labs, workshops, research, and the publication of books, magazines, and online newspapers.

Through various forms of fundraising, donations, and volunteering, we aim to implement projects that break traditional structures of power rooted in our cultures and reproduced by art systems. That’s why we bring together artists from different socio-geographical-historical-economic contexts with the most varied interests, sensibilities, and ways of existing so that together we can create artistic activations that respect the specifics of the places where they happen.

If you want to support our initiative, you can help us in several ways, through fundraising, as a supporter, sponsor, or donation. You can also collaborate with services and materials necessary for the execution of our projects.