Always Something There to Remind Me

DO! Juried Artist Show

December 7th, 2023
16 Waverly Avenue, #300 – Brooklyn, NY

Do! Art Projects is thrilled to present their inaugural juried show Always Something There to Remind Me.

Always Something There to Remind Me showcases the works of fourteen international artists whose art is deeply rooted in the concept of memory. Through their artwork, they explore their personal, cultural, and historical memories and give physical form to their experiences and intangible recollections of the world. 

Fragments of histories, glimpses into childhood, or ghostly traces of past traumas and experiences are interwoven throughout the work. Some artists employ traditional mediums like painting, photography, and printmaking to examine their biographies and memories as a way to transform or reframe the past. Others leverage contemporary technologies like A.I. to generate future self-portraits or collect detritus from each location they visit, creating a type of junkyard archive. Some artists pay tribute to their ancestral stories through hand-sewing and collage.

Always Something There to Remind Me brings together the work of fourteen artists who were chosen from an international open call for artwork of over a thousand submissions. The open call for artists did not have a specific theme and required them only to submit small works within a specific size range. Artists from various disciplines and representing eight countries were selected solely based on the quality of their work.

Featuring a diverse ensemble of artists from around the world,  
“Always Something There to Remind Me”  proudly presents:

Gabriel Mattos – Brazil
Marina Pohl – Germany
The Queen’s Artillery – USA
Ramonn Vieitez – Brazil
Lucia Rivera – Mexico
Sinenkosi Msomi – South Africa
Gerda Van Damme – Belgium
Ivannia Lasso – Costa Rica
Adam Lipman – Poland
Katia Politzer – Brazil
Jingqi Wang Steinhiser – USA
Lorena Velez – USA
Estefania Gavina – BrazilCarolina Munoz Awad – USA

Curated by Julie McKim

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