by Trevor Natan

April 2023
16 Waverly Avenue, #204 – Brooklyn, NY

My installation will be a combination of a 3D installation filling the floor and 2D work that will hang on the walls. The floor will be covered in astro turf to resemble a pet relief area like the ones at airports. It will be covered in tennis balls that have been dyed brown to resemble poop. There will be holes cut in the bottoms of the tennis balls for notes: some written by me and some to be written by show participants. This will be one of the opportunities to engage further with the work by picking up the balls and looking in the holes. But they will also act as a sculptural piece on the astroturf. There will also be yellow cutouts to resemble pee. I have not yet figured out what the material for the pee will be, but I will be using my time at the residency to research this further. There is potential for a QR code to be printed/attached to the bottom of the pee object. If possible, I would like to paint the walls a shade of green to add to the astro turf ambience.

On the walls, I will hang replica toilet paper rolls made of paper that is strong enough to write on. This will be used to ask questions of the participants. This is another potential way to engage with the audience. It’s possible I will not need all 3 methods of note collection, this is another thing I will test out in the residency.

The exact questions or prompts I will ask are something I will continue working on during the residency, but they will revolve around the following concepts: comfortability in a public bathroom, what people look for in a bathroom, is it possible to bond in a bathroom, how bathrooms differ between cultures (both structurally and socially), home bathroom vs corporate bathroom, and sensuality/sexuality in a bathroom (having sex in a bathroom usually connotes wildness, but why? Is there a correlation between how clean a bathroom is and how sensual/ sexual a bathroom experience can be?).

Also on the walls I will hang framed drawings of other ideas for future bathrooms. These will act as a foil of sorts. The drawings are futuristic, and could be dystopian or utopian depending on your perspective. These will contrast the simpler idea the installation is showcasing: pooping on fake grass like a dog in an airport. By showing contrasting bathroom designs, I hope to start a conversation about the spaces we like to relieve ourselves in, and what that says about ourselves and each other.

Dreams help me make sense of my feelings. I use the situations that occur in my dreams as a vehicle to explore feelings and senses that are harder to visualize, such as shame, sexuality, intimacy, and privacy. The idea for these bathroom designs came to me in a dream, and I started thinking about why I was having those dreams. They were dreams about being stuck in a bathroom that was too small, being interrupted by people while I was using a public toilet, and bathrooms that I didn’t even know how to use. I want to find out what these bathrooms are trying to tell me.

Trevor Nathan

Trevor Nathan

Visual Artist

b. New Jersey, lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, U.S.

Trevor Nathan is an artist in Brooklyn NY working in lens-based art and 3D design. He was born in Little Silver, New Jersey in 1994. In 2017 he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts at Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts. During winter 2022 he projected video works out of his apartment windows, and over the summer he began wheat pasting his art on the green boards surrounding construction sites. He is currently taking part in the International Lab for Art Practices at Uncool Artist and working on the future of bathroom design

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