by Bella Cardim & Fernanda Froes

May 2023
16 Waverly Avenue, #300 – Brooklyn, NY

This exhibition proposal is to show a contemporary issue, excess consumerism, through the pieces of the two artists. Although they have different points of view, the works converge aesthetically and conceptually throughout the exhibition.

The exhibition SURPLUS – Do Art Project 2023 New York – has Bella Cardim and Fernanda Froes as participant artists. Both have different bodies of work and diverse approaches to the show’s main subject: excessive consumerism.

Although distinct, both works touch on essential contemporary topics such as Identity and memory, body image issues and social media, environmental and cultural destruction. Those subjects can be direct consequences of hyper- consumerism in our society.

While Bella has an autobiographical work that explores, through diverse media, compulsive behaviors towards food, social media, and body image, Fernanda’s work shows concerns about environmental and cultural destruction caused by human excesses throughout history.

Bella Cardim

Bella Cardim

Visual Artist

b. in Brazil. Lives and works in Miami.

Cardim’s artistic research and output are housed around emotional hunger and body image awareness. With an extensive 16-year career in commercial food photography, Cardim now uses her practice to investigate the psychological impact of food in terms of nourishment and indulgence. Her conceptual framework allows her to draw attention to emotional eating disorders and excessive consumption.

The artist is currently showing in Miami and has recently participated in collective shows in New York, Miami, and São Paulo.

Fernanda Froes

Fernanda Froes

Visual Artist

b. in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Lives and works in Miami.

She investigates the connections between ecology, colonization, and the aspects in which they influence and impact each other. Through her research on the intersection of science and history, Froes raises awareness of the importance of preserving the Americas’ natural and cultural heritage.

Froes recently participated in shows in New York, Miami, and São Paulo. Since 2000 she’s been working with visual arts and exhibited works in Lisbon, Milan, and Rio.

Froes’ artistic process usually begins with drawing, which diversely evolves into a combination of media, including paint, fiber, printmaking, text, and digital illustration. Fernanda Froes moved from Rio to Miami in 2017. She lives and works in Coral Gables, Florida.

Froes has degrees in Graphic Design and Industrial Design from Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. Froes worked as an art director in multinational advertising agencies and have been working as a graphic designer for 20 years. Her works were shown in Brazilian and international publications. She is currently pursuing an MFA at Miami Art Institute (MIUAD). She is a member of Uncool Artist Collective and FAMA (Fiber Artist Miami Association).

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